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happy v day

Anonymous asked:

im trying to ask sick of sarah a question but i cant find where to ask,i know they have one because other people ask questions,can you please please help me i cant find it.

idk man

try their facebook and their twitter, and all the girls have a twitter as well

abisha reveals their most intimate song writing secret

(Source: youtube.com)

Anonymous asked:

when do you think sick of sarah is going on tour, i miss there videos.

as do i dear anon. i know they are writing new stuff currently, so we will probably have to wait a bit longer for a tour.

however there is always the possibility of more ‘writing sessions’ vids

don’t frickin mess with abisha

Anonymous asked:

you've gotta tell us about the facebook thing with juggs and bisha if you find ANYTHING out

don’t tell me what to do

happy turkey day to the american followers

Anonymous asked:

you know that other anon that said "Did anyone else notice Juggs and Abisha are no longer friends on Facebook?" had a point whats up with that?

idk lemme just go ask them for ya


Abisha Throws a Tantrum

Anonymous asked:

Did anyone else notice Juggs and Abisha are no longer friends on Facebook? :(

im not friends with them on facebook either and im their mother